About us

Our Modern Lifestyle exposes us to a large number of toxic chemicals.

These chemical enter our body through the Food we eat, Air we breathe, Tropical products like cosmetics & Unhealthy habits like smoking.

These toxic chemicals act as Free Radical and deteriorate our body from within. Thus, in today's time, a Body Detox becomes a must.

Green Tea is loaded with Antioxidants which help cleanse our body off free radicals. The Healthiest Drink of All, Green tea is a powerhouse with amazing health benefits.

We added some MAGIC! to it.

LuvLungs is an exotic blend of Herbs & Superfoods with Green tea. A carefully crafted amalgamation of Ayurvedic & Western herbs into a delicious tea for Lungs health support and care.

We believe in the healing power of Mother Nature and the importance of a Healthy lifestyle. Incorporating the best of Natural ingredients loaded with Nutrients & Antioxidants to aid in a wholesome body function.

Our Aim is to deliver the best of Natural alternatives for a Healthy lifestyle, with continuous efforts & innovation to create unique, effective Natural products for everyone.

WHO we are?

We are ABI Global, a Natural Lifestyle products company, based in Doon Valley.

Founded by a young SHEO, Aditi Baukhandi, LuvLungs embodies amazing natural Herbs and the goodness of Green tea for Lungs support & care.

Aditi, is a Bio technologist, a Skincare Formulator and the brains behind brands like Bff Skincare & Fragrances & ADIASHI luxury Collective.

She is a Wife, Dog Lover and a Travel fanatic who thrives to develop the best of Natural products for a Healthy Lifestyle.