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Is the product Natural?​

Yes, Luvlungs tea is made with all 100% Natural ingredients. With No artificial sweeteners & preservatives.

How does it works ?

LuvLungs tea works with 5 modes of action.

1. Expectorant: Helps remove the Tar & Mucus and soothe the damaged membranes with emollient properties.

2. Decongestant: Helps clear mucus & eases breathing.

3. Blood Purification: Detoxification of Blood from toxins of cigarette smoke.

4. Healing: Prevents damage from smoking & aids in healing of Damaged tissue. Reduces Swelling and soothes damaged tissue.

5. Protection: Anti Bacterial & Anti Viral ability to protect against infections.

Where does the Tea come from?

We procure our Organic Green tea from Certified Farms in Assam, which is then Blended with Herbs & Extracts in our manufacturing facility.

How to Use LuvLungs Tea?

LuvLungs tea is pre blended for a easy & delicious experience. Just add a tea spoon of the tea in a cup of hot water. 

How much should I drink?

We advice a daily usage of two times a day.

How can i pay?

You can pay by any Credit card or Debit Card. Currently we do not have Cash on Delivery service.